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We offer solutions and products that fit what you want. Quality brands at great prices.

What We Do

​Yell Audio & Video Inc. is a small family-owned and operated electronics business. We call Fort Worth,

Texas home but service all the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Houston, and Austin, Texas. We pride ourselves

on being reliable, hardworking, friendly, and knowledgeable. We do help support our communities by

joining and volunteering with causes such as, ASPCA, Recycling, North Texas Food Bank, and the World

Wildlife Foundation.

Yell Audio & Video has been in business since 2008. It all got started with my dad’s and I passion for loud

music. We started building custom boxes for car stereo systems and it was all downhill from there.

Often, people ask where the name “Yell” came from. The answer is when we were testing out the stereo

systems it got so loud that we had to “yell” just to hear each other. However, my love for electronics had

been with me since I was little. I used to take apart radios, stereos, anything I could get my hands on and

try to put it back together. Naturally, this led to my schooling in electronics, and electronics engineering.


Above Nate and ; Below Nate's dad


Our team is made up of 2 installers, 2 designers/sales, 1 licensed security agent, and 1 programmer.

Together we combine for over 50 years’ experience and numerous certifcations. We are fully licensed

and insured for any project.

How We Work

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